Quality Of Our Merino

The main factor determining the quality of merino wool is its softness which depends upon the fineness of the fibres. We use extra fine merino (19.5 microns) which is some of the finest commercially available for hand dyers. This results in a super soft yarn that feels gentle against the skin.

It is important for us to know where the fibres used in our yarns come from and to ensure they are produced and processed in ways that do not harm the animals or the environment. Our fibres are sourced from reliable material suppliers where we can establish best practice in relation to animal husbandry and the environment, as well as the best rearing and grading practices.

No animals are injured to provide our fibre as we only use shorn or material that has shed naturally from the animal.

The merino fibre we use is from sheep where mulesing is NOT practiced. We purchase the majority of our 19.5 micron merino from Australia and we pay a premium to purchase only Australian wool which is certified as mulesing free. The remainder of our merino is sourced from South America where mulesing is not necessary due to the climate. All of our wool is sourced from farms which comply with high animal welfare standards.

The majority of superwash yarn is treated using the Hercosett process, which is the method used for our superwash yarns too. Many people are rightly concerned over the potential impacts this process can have on the environment. The main concern being about how the waste water containing spent chemicals is dealt with after processing. We only use reputable companies to superwash our fibres, companies who hold ISO14001 accreditation and/or engage in best practice with regard to environmental performance and waste water treatment and re-use. Most of the effluent from the process is re-used and any disposed of has to meet strict environmental standards.